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13-14 July • Szczecin

Chris Do special box

Pricing & Sales
for Creatives Bootcamp: valuation and selling of creative work

Take part in an intensive two-day workshop with The Futur
founder Chris Do (Chief Strategist and CEO Blind, Emmy Award winner). Learn how to attract new clients, negotiate better rates and increase your efficiency.

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Chris worked for such brands as:

Workshops with the famous Chris Do

13 - 14 June Szczecin Learn step by step the methods of valuation, negotiation, closing contracts and client management that will dramatically increase your earnings.

Chris will give you very clear and specific advice on the development of your creative business.

Meet Chris Do

The guru of running
creative businesses

Chris Do is the founder of The Futur, currently the most popular education platform for the creative community. For nearly half a million subscribers, the teaching methods and knowledge passed on are invaluable help and guidance leading to rapid career development.

Chris conducts workshops around the world, including prestigious projects such as: Digital Design Days, Adobe Max, AIGA.

As Chief Strategist and CEO of Blind, Chris and his team have been involved in projects for brands such as: Nike, Intel, Honda, Sony, Audi, EA, Activision, Google, RIOT games, Snapchat, Facebook, Ford, Microsoft and many more. Chris also worked as a lecturer at the Art Center College of Design for several years.

Today, Chris Do cultivates his passion for teaching and his mission to help the creative industry.

Tired of "motivation that changes lives"?

Get skills,
that actually mean something.

What you get is not theoretical psychobabble, meditation or unlocking your inner potential through coaching.

As one of the best trainers in the industry, Chris will provide you with a sound understanding of how to develop your business through the right sales strategy and value-based valuation. See what you’ll learn during the workshop:

  • How to sell more services to the client with minimum commitment and increase the value of services.
  • How to talk to a client who thinks my services are too expensive and still win the contract.
  • How to ensure that the client is happy to meet payment deadlines and complete their tasks.
  • How to identify potential threats and turn them into your advantage.
  • How to increase the effectiveness of communication with clients and the team.
  • How to negotiate rates and deadlines with the team and subcontractors.

By professionals
for professionals

  • The target audience

If you provide creative services and need support and ready-made solutions in client communication, negotiating orders or hiring subcontractors, these workshops are for you.


You run a small and tightly-knit team of creative specialists, but you feel that your business is not developing as it used to? Discover the set of methods which helped Chris Do develop his studio.


If you run an agency and employ between 10 and 30 people, isn’t it time to delegate sales to the team? Teach managers to determine the value, negotiate, define the needs of clients and scope services.

Information about workshops

  • Attract clients without reducing your budget

    Learn about the methods of dealing with clients’ objections through practical exercises. Learn techniques such as: “Raging Bull”, “Double Down”, “Hall of Mirrors”, and many more.

  • The right approach to the client

    Help your clients understand that what they want is not what they need. Learn how to become an authority to your clients.

  • Earn more for your work

    Learn from Chris how to show to your clients the value of your work and justify new, higher rates.

  • Duration 9.00 - 18.00 (2 days)
  • Intensity High
  • Topic Sales & Pricing
  • Language English
  • Translation into Polish
  • Location of course Szczecin - Technopark F2
  • Date 13-14 July
  • Application deadline 12 July
  • Price 4900 zł

Agenda of the
Pricing & Sales for Creatives workshops

Day 1: Actual price and estimated value:

  • What is the most valuable aspect of your work and how to determine it?

    Chris Do will analyse your method of work valuation, and help you identify priorities and mistakes made when determining the value of your own work. He will show you the difference between price and value. Learn and understand three pricing models: Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes

  • How to determine the amount to charge?

    The most common errors in the sales and valuation path. Learn about the complete process and the right approach to setting the correct price for your services.

  • When to talk about money?

    Find out when to talk about money depending on whether the client has a small or a large budget.

  • Preparing an effective offer – “One page” method

    Chris Do will explain to you how to prepare an effective one-page offer that sells. See real-life examples and take part in practical activities during which you will write your own offer.

  • Why hourly valuation is wrong – learn about value-based pricing

    Find out why value-based pricing delivers many times better financial results. Learn about the mechanism of establishing the value of the service and negotiating rates.

Day 2 Sale and objections:

  • What does it actually mean to sell?

    Chris Do will explain to you what is more important: questions or answers. Learn how curiosity, imagination and empathy play a key role in the sales process. Redefine the meaning of the word “sell”

  • Amateurs give advice. Experts diagnose

    Learn and practice the techniques Chris uses to discover the true scope of the project. Help your clients distinguish between what they need and what they want.

  • 4 types of clients and how to work with them

    The penny-pincher
    The stickler
    The know-it-all
    The value purchaser

  • Winning disputes with the client – practical exercises

    What you’ll learn: Techniques of argumentation, overcoming differences of opinion, how to distance yourself, response strategy: Raging Bull, Double down, Hall of mirrors, Yin Yang, The Chief, The Sinek

  • Role-playing – practical exercises and Q&A

    Create your own map of client negotiations. Practice your acquired skills while playing out sales scenes with Chris Do.


Two-day workshop
with Chris Do in Szczecin

Our mission is to provide the best training services for professionals and creative entrepreneurs.

We firmly believe that bringing in top-class trainers will permanently transform our region and make it more competitive not only nationally but also internationally.

Unique workshops with a global expert,
the possibility of funding and networking

A concrete dose of knowledge

Learn from the experience of the best in the industry.

Benefit from a subsidy for companies

We offer refunds of up to 80% of the training price for companies with a smart PKD classification of activity in the Zachodniopomorskie region.

Create new business contacts

Get to know and cooperate in workshops with other participants from our region.

Register for the training course
Pricing & Sales for Creatives - Chris Do

13 - 14 July • Szczecin

Seats available 8/10

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