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Inspire others


To pass on the most powerful practical knowledge for professionals currently available


· We never stop learning new things ·
· We are capable of making sacrifices ·
· We want to inspire ·
· We never say never ·

Formula of the workshops

· Practical knowledge that you will benefit from right away ·
· Innovative methods from the best experts ·
· Intensive training for the best results ·

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We want to learn from the best

To know is one thing, to put that knowledge into practice is another. We are focused on organizing workshops that will open up new opportunities for you as soon as you complete them.

That’s why we get the best possible trainers for you, who will share their valuable experience and their tips & tricks in the form of intensive classes.

We're obsessed with concrete information

Have you ever read a book in which 10 pages are the “real deal”, while all the rest just boils down to describing that concrete information?

We are passionate about passing on knowledge and the most useful information in the clearest possible way.

Our region outperforms

Our region is full of talented professionals. We want to raise the level of the game by giving our specialists the opportunity to rapidly develop their skills and provide them with specific tools that they will be able to use on the very first day after completing the workshops.

Our honourable guests

Chris Do Santa Monica • LA

Chris Do is the founder of The Futur, currently the most well-developed educational platform for designers from all around the world. Since 1995 he has run Blind, an award-winning creative agency.


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Years in the industry

Chris's clients:
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